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Also known as the “Easter Egger”, these chickens are most well known for possessing the blue egg gene, although they do lay in various shades of green. They are a hybrid variety with feathers coming in several distinct patterns, and are one of the friendliest breeds known, making them great pets, too.


Rhode Island Red


An American classic and the state bird of Rhode Island, “Rhodies” are heavy layers of medium to dark brown eggs. Being especially active, they often rise to the top of the pecking order, even though these rust colored hens are fairly docile.


White Leghorn


The power layer of the group, clocking in at over 300 eggs per year.

Feisty and flighty, Leghorns are also the smallest of the group, often with the biggest personalities. They are also the hardest to catch! So it might be safe to say they’re the smartest.


All of our varieties are well adapted to both cold and hot temperatures, allowing them to thrive outdoors in our temperate climate.






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